5 Ways to better Minecraft Skin

Why bother enhancing your Minecraft skin? Are you joking? People love enhancing their skin!

It all starts from when you are a baby (and Minecraft is just a twinkle in your eye) and your mum smothers you in baby lotion to keep you tender and pure.

As you grow, you will receive lashings of sun-cream to block out dangerous ultraviolet, to keep you tender and pure. As adolescents, girls use makeup to appear tender and pure. Boys shower and deodorize so as not to repel. (Because inside they're tender and pure)

But not for long! Things start to get serious with cosmetic waxing, that first ear-piercing and the discreet tattoo. And by now you're looking at Botox, Collagen and whoaaaa.. No need to exaggerate!

Don't do any of that! Instead you can do it all in Minecraft! Minecraft really is tender and pure and when you want to freshen up, no need for chemicals or ink-dyes. You can easily re-invent yourself with a brand new Minecraft skin which you can flaunt, stride about in and luxuriate in, knowing that your friends and fellow players are secretly jealous of your beautifully crafted outward veneer.

MC skin will never age or wrinkle or need cream, but should you tire of it — no problem — whisk it through Minecraft-skin-viewer.com and you can come out with something newly special. Something that shows you off to the world and makes them bow down in respect.

Here's how:

  1. Your face is your fortune. From our home page 12 alluring Minecraft faces greet you with their endearing little features, demanding your attention. Click on any one of them and the rest of their body will be revealed. If you like the face, you may very well like the rest. Use it, modify it or simply take inspiration.

  2. Searching for the one. As you play Minecraft, depending on your server you will bump into loads of different players. Some may scare you; some may dazzle you with their beauty. But when you see that drop-dead gorgeous player with skin like silk and the perfect fantasy features, what are you going to do? You know you want to copy them, steal them or at the very least examine them minutely. So how are you going to do that? Easy - type their player name into the search box at Minecraft-skin-viewer.com!

  3. Spoilt for choice. Our database is jammed packed full of skins. Nearly a million in fact. Click on the Skin Finder function and see 16 randomly chosen skins standing patiently to attention. They've been carefully crafted by kind loving owners, and most of them are unique. Why not refine one of those skins using our Skin Editor function to give it your own personal touch and then upload it straight to Minecraft.

  4. Random Runner. Our Random Scroll page will parade close-up images of randomly chosen players. See one you like? Then click on it, and you'll be taken to their profile page where you can see how popular they are, when they were first seen and a number of other fascinating facts.

  5. The best of the best. Take a look at our Top 10 popular skin billboard. How did these guys get so popular? What is it about their skins that make them so clickable? They must have some special allure, because they've all been visited more than 50,000 times. Take inspiration from their success and see if you can do something better!