What are Minecraft-Skins?

Minecraft, developed by Mojang, is about building fantasy worlds with blocks. Minecraft skins define each player's appearance, primarily his or her colour and how they will look in the game.

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Default Minecraft skin?

The first time you play the game, you are automatically allocated the default skin known as "Steve". Players alter their skins for a number of reasons, primarily to emphasise their individuality. Depending on which texture pack you are using, your skin might look slightly different. Essentially, Steve is a man with bare arms wearing a turquoise tee shirt and blue trousers.

How can you alter Minecraft skins?

Your skin can be altered using a number of online skin editing programs. In most programs you start with a "blank canvas" skin which is divided into a 2048 pixels each of which goes to make up a tiny area of the body, and each of which can be set to any colour. Once your skin is complete, you then download it from the editor program to your local computer, and then upload to your Minecraft account at minecraft.net

How can I copy someone else's skin?

This can be easily achieved right here from this site. Use the "Random Search" at the top of this page until you find a skin that you like. From the Actions button, select "Use this skin" and connect to your Mojang account. Alternatively, you can download skins you like, refine them to your taste using a skin editor and then upload them to your account. Either way, you can obtain a stunning skin with minimal effort!

Are there any other special skin effects?

Did you know that there is a 2nd layer of skin around player's faces? Yes - this is transparent by default, and is only 1 pixel thick. But it can be edited and allows for additional facial or head accessories such as a moustache, glasses, ears and hair. This additional layer is only 1 pixel wide, so the options are a bit limited, but by changing it will give your Minecraft player something special!